Castech-BG Ltd.

Production of metal products of gray and ductile iron by centrifugal and classical method of casting


Castech-BG Ltd. is specializing in the manufacture of metal products of gray and ductile iron centrifugal and a classical method of casting.

The company is a supplier of castings to more than 30 companies in the country for repair of internal combustion engines, machinery engineering and ceramic industry.

Castech-BG Ltd produces:

  • Blanks for cylinder liners for internal combustion engines;
  • Castings for valve sockets for beds;
  • Brake discs and brake drums;
  • Casting for agricultural machines;
  • Casting ceramic factories;
  • Cast iron grates and plates for ovens;
  • Cast iron gratings for drainage and sewerage systems etc..

Produce castings with weight from 0.500 to 120 kg.

Quality control of 100% of products.

Around 30% of the production is exported to Germany, Italy and Macedonia.

Technical specification from 4/1/2012 for produced castings by centrifugal casting method PDF, 0.6MB.